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Dog Friendly Policy

All dogs on holiday at Gibson's are to be flea and tick treated, fully vaccinated, and well behaved. Well behaved means under control at all times. Dogs are to be on a leash when walking up and down the driveway at Gibson's, and are not to be left in the house, on the deck, or in the yard for prolonged periods of time.

We have a few simple rules we ask for you to respect:


1. We are happy to have your pets inside but we do ask that they are kept out of the bedrooms and off the furniture. Under no circumstances are they to be allowed on the beds. 


2. Droppings and bones are to be picked up an disposed of in the rubbish bin. Please check the yard before your departure.


3. Please keep your pets out of the pool at all times as their hair clogs the filter, and in turn makes it impossible for the pool to be kept at a clean standard.


If it is necessary to repair any damage caused by your pet, this cost will be the responsibility of the guest.


A cleaning fee will be charged to your credit card if these rules are not respected (we can tell!). 


Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


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