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Behind the Scenes at Gibson's Pet Friendly

Many of you who have stayed at our Paperbark Couples Retreat would have noticed the separate garage space adjoining the undercover parking space..... well, during the week that is our office space. Not bad right? Not bad at all really!!

We get to work in (relative) peace and our little furry friends get to come along too. They love it. And we love it! There is something really nice about taking a breather from the computer, pushing away your chair from the desk, accidentally pushing it into the big furry mutt laying right behind you, only to turn around and see these big deep, dark eyes staring right back saying "what are we doing now?!?!?".....

Booking Online

So for the past month, I have been tinkering with our website (big learning curve & many days ended with VERY red eyes) to see if I could make it so you guys can check availability and book online... and I think I got there!! Early this week, I made our new site live (a bit of nail-biting going on!!) and I even did a little dance in my kitchen at home when a notification came though of our first online booking!! (Small things = happy days sometimes!!).


Check it out!


With the tech world, things are changing all the time, but one thing that doesn't change is the power of real connection... to chat to someone, or help someone, or even just be available, & willing to help is a great quality and one that I love so much with this job.

A little bit of history here for this post - I have worked in Tourism for years. It started with a love of nature, and wanting more, to learn more about the lesser-known world. I travelled from Perth up to the Northern Territory, taking tours out to Kakadu & The Kimberley in Western Australia. While I was learning about the incredible environment around me, I also discovered how much I loved sharing this with people - being the bridge to somebody else's experience.

Changing Times

So fast forward - here I am, still in tourism, but with technology, trying to find a happy medium for both. As the years have gone on, I have gone from living 8 days in the bush on Safari with customers to Customers "checking in" face to face, to now - working behind the scenes of a great little Pet-Friendly Accommodation business. Which now my interaction is mostly through emails and the occasional phone call ( I love those)... and now with booking online maybe even less customer interaction!!


So this brings me to the point of this blog... I still want to say hello to our customers!! When you book with us, I want you to know that the service doesn't stop there and if you have a question about anything....ANYTHING!! Please drop me an email or call 4974 9243 to ask anything you like about your holiday.... I can give you some examples if you like...

- Where is the best place to eat?

- What time does the supermarket shut?

- Which Accommodation do you recommend??

So, in the age of technology, and staying up to date with it, let's not forget that while technology can be super convenient - just chatting to a person fills places and spaces inside of us that no iPhone/android/tablet/mac/app, etc can.

Drop me an email! Call!

I'll always love to chat!!

H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S !!



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