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Bushwalks, Walkings Trails & Tracks not to miss while holidaying in Agnes Water & 1770

If you love walking, and your dog loves it too, Agnes Water and 1770 certainly have no shortage of incredible walking trails around the region. From off the beaten track to more civilised, from short walks to long walks, there is something for everyone! What better way to take in the in incredible natural surrounds that the Discovery Coast offers by seeing it on foot. There are many spots that are only accessible by walking - and these places remain unique to the area and can take your breath away! We've picked out our favourite walks of the region to share with you so you can take your pic while holidaying in Agnes Water or 1770.

The Discovery Trail to Workman’s Beach 🐾

Discovery Trail Walking Track lookout Agnes Water
Discovery Trail Lookout in Agnes Water

Discovery Trail Agnes Water walks
Red patiently waiting for the walk to begin!

The Discovery Trail begins opposite the Agnes Water Police Station on Springs Rd. This walk is the most popular for Gibson's Pet Friendly guests as it it the closest to the accommodation and the best walk taking in the lovely bush surrounds and leads to a spectacular lookout that takes in Workman's Beach & Agnes Water Main Beach. Over the cooler months you also have an opportunity to view whales in their migration. Imagine seeing whales breaching in the sea on your morning walk?! Amazing! You may even get lucky and see dolphins too as they love to play in the waves.

From the Discovery Trail Lookout - you can venture South and head down to Workman's Beach. This Sheltered cove is one of our most favourite Dog Friendly Beaches.

Discovery Trail to Workmans Beach Map
Discovery Trail to Lookout & Workman's Beach Map

A little bit about Workman's Beach 🐾