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Bushwalks, Walkings Trails & Tracks not to miss while holidaying in Agnes Water & 1770

If you love walking, and your dog loves it too, Agnes Water and 1770 certainly have no shortage of incredible walking trails around the region. From off the beaten track to more civilised, from short walks to long walks, there is something for everyone! What better way to take in the in incredible natural surrounds that the Discovery Coast offers by seeing it on foot. There are many spots that are only accessible by walking - and these places remain unique to the area and can take your breath away! We've picked out our favourite walks of the region to share with you so you can take your pic while holidaying in Agnes Water or 1770.

The Discovery Trail to Workman’s Beach 🐾

Discovery Trail Walking Track lookout Agnes Water
Discovery Trail Lookout in Agnes Water

Discovery Trail Agnes Water walks
Red patiently waiting for the walk to begin!

The Discovery Trail begins opposite the Agnes Water Police Station on Springs Rd. This walk is the most popular for Gibson's Pet Friendly guests as it it the closest to the accommodation and the best walk taking in the lovely bush surrounds and leads to a spectacular lookout that takes in Workman's Beach & Agnes Water Main Beach. Over the cooler months you also have an opportunity to view whales in their migration. Imagine seeing whales breaching in the sea on your morning walk?! Amazing! You may even get lucky and see dolphins too as they love to play in the waves.

From the Discovery Trail Lookout - you can venture South and head down to Workman's Beach. This Sheltered cove is one of our most favourite Dog Friendly Beaches.

Discovery Trail to Workmans Beach Map
Discovery Trail to Lookout & Workman's Beach Map

A little bit about Workman's Beach 🐾

Workman's Beach is a beautiful large sheltered cove, hidden away from the crowds and within an easy walking distance from Gibson's Pet Friendly Accommodation. Bring a BBQ picnic to enjoy at the park, then take the 4 min walk down through the bushy track lined with cabbage palms, down to the secluded beach. Set up under the shade of the Casuarina trees for an extended stay! On low tide the shelf rock becomes exposed, providing a great area for kids to explore and toddlers to wallow in the rock pools.

The Butterfly Walk - from Lt James Cook Monument, 1770

Butterfly walk map James cook Monument
1770 Butterfly Walk Map

During the cooler months of Autumn and Winter every year, the 1770 Butterfly walk is overwhelmed with thousands of Blue Tiger Butterflies. Rated as one of the top things to do while visiting the Town of 1770, it's not hard to see why! This unique and easy walk is 15 - 30 minutes in duration and begins to the right of the Captain Cook Monument. The walk is a magical display of the relationship between flora and fauna and will stay vivid in your memories for years to come.

If if you think that the Butterfly Walk isn't worth the effort in the warmer months - think again! The butterflies aren't the only feature of this walk! Taking in several incredible elevated views of Round Hill Creek, the walking track offers multiple opportunities to branch off the track and head down to the water for a secluded fish or swim. Our favourite thing is walk the track then cut down to the beach and walk, swim and rock hop back to the Monument hugging the coastline.

Perfect conditions in 1770.....

Paperbark Forest Walk – Reedy Creek Nature Reserve

Opposite the 'Red Rock' (Springs Beach) turnoff on Springs Rd, is the Reedy Creek Paperbark Forest Walk. This easy 15 minute walk is a MUST DO! The track winds through a beautiful paperbark forest and has unique stepping stones incorporated for when water flows through the wetland area. This is another place where the Blue Tiger Butterflies reside in the cooler months.

Chinaman's Beach Picnic Area Walking Trail 🐾

Park on Springs Road just adjacent to the turnoff for Bicentennial Drive. This easy sandy bush walk (about 2 or 3 k's one way) takes you to a picnic area and is a great way to explore the secluded coastline of Agnes Water if you continue down to the beach. This section of beaches is a favourite amongst the locals as it is secluded and great for fishing, swimming and exploring the rock pools at low tide.

You will notice that the walk links up with the Discover Trail we mentioned earlier. Check out the map below to where it takes you. You can also access this walking trail from Workman's Beach Camping area.

Chinamans beach agnes water map
Discovery Trail - Chinaman's Beach Section

Spring Beach Walking Trail 🐾

Springs Beach is open to dogs on lead April to Nov. Spring's Beach has to be one of the most stunning deserted beaches on the East Coast of Australia in our opinion! Located a short drive from Gibson's Pet Friendly in Agnes Water, Springs Beach should be at the top of your list to visit while you are holidaying in Agnes Water & 1770. The beach is also a favourite amongst the Turtles during Nov (when they come to lay) and April (when the babies hatch).

Drive along Spring's Road for a few k's and just opposite the Paperbark Forest Walk is a dirt track signposted as 'Red Rock'. Turn left here and follow the dirt road for a few hundred metres and park your car. Follow the timber boardwalk down towards Spring's Beach.

Red Rock Walking Trail

South of Springs Beach near the headland is the beginning of the 'Red Rock Trail'. This trail is about 2.5 k's in length as is classified as 'intermediate'. The picturesque trail takes in numerous coves and headlands. Keep your eyes out for turtles and dolphins as you take in the scenery. Nesting turtles are also popular at this section of the coastline during the warmer months, although they do come up at night to lay. Whales are also commonly spotted in the migration season (winter).

Springs Beach Agnes Water Red rock walking trail
Red Rock Walking Trail - Overlooking Springs Beach

The walk is one way and can commonly spread out to several hours as you take in the wildlife and if you choose to swim along the way at some of the deserted beaches. Take plenty of water!

Making The Most Of Your Holiday

The 'Discovery Coast' has certainly earned its name over the years - if you love exploring, there is just so much to see and do! From great Cafe's to awesome beaches to low cost family activities and fun and unique tours, Agnes Water is guaranteed to fill your cup!

Check out our incredible pet friendly accommodation and find out why guests keep coming back and back and back......


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