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Explore Agnes Water's Power Pole Art Trail

Agnes Water and 1770 have a number of fantastic cultural and artistic things to visit when in our region. The latest addition to this list is the amazing Power Pole Art Trail covering all of Agnes Water and 1770, and it is a must see! The trail consists of 27 poles created by 26 very talented artists. The best way to enjoy this display is by walking or cycling the trail.

These are my favourite 3 poles:

Lovely Lorikeets - Created by Linda Burow

Located just a stroll away from Gibsons Pet Friendly this vibrant pole is bound to catch your eye! Showcasing the stunning colours of our sunrises and sunsets, and some of our native flora and fauna Linda Burow has done an amazing job! While visiting our region keep an ear out for the sounds of the Rainbow Lorikeets both morning and afternoon.

Blue Tiger - Created by Anja Van Kraalingen

On your way to the main beach from Gibsons Pet Friendly you will find 'blue tiger'. This piece represents the beautiful Blue Tiger butterflies that swarm Agnes Water and 1770 in the cooler months. What is interesting about this piece is from each angle you will get a different look at the butterfly, as it is completely wrapped around the pole!

Sunrise - Created by Steve Plath

Agnes Water has some of the most breathtaking sunrises over our amazing beaches, and this pole by Steve Plath captures that beauty perfectly. Book your stay with Gibsons Pet Friendly Accommodation, set your alarm early for sunrise at one of our many beaches and experience this for yourself, then finish your day with a stunning sunset at 1770. A true bucket list item.

My favourite pole is definitely 'Blue Tiger' by Anja Van Kraalingen, there is somethings so special about the time of year when all the butterflies are out, and this pole reminds me of that. When staying in Agnes Water and 1770 be sure to check out our other cultural and artistic gems such as our Museum or the lovely gallery above the 1770 Marina cafe. Be sure to book your stay at Gibsons Pet Friendly to be in the heart of Agnes Water to explore everything our little paradise has to offer.

Use the Map below to see the locations, artists and more information about this amazing display of art!

Thanks to Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce for this fantastic Google map, and for all the amazing images of the poles!


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