Great Things To Do In Agnes Water - Where the livin' is easy...

I thought I may share a little post of life of late - Agnes style. Living in this gorgeous town is pretty good, it means lots of beach time and bush time chilling with the family outside of work, making the most of this little paradise town. I was lucky enough to have some time off over the Christmas break, and having a friend visit from Sydney meant we got out and did a lot of things this town has to offer.

Favourite things to do in Agnes Water & 1770

High tide at Town of 1770... no matter what time of day..... no, wait, maybe sunset!! In Summer or Winter (even Autumn or Spring!!), if you can snag a high tide at sunset time - head down to one of the parks on the foreshore. Let your doggies off the lead and take a swim in the water....... BLISS. There are many BBQ's down there too, so dinner is an option too to have a good ol' Aussie BBQ. There are also 2 restaurants down there: "The Tree" (or 1770 Beach Hotel), great for a drink, a bar snack or a restaurant meal. OR the 1770 Beachcombers Bistro (adjacent to the 1770 camping grounds), which serves the classic fish n' chips, pizzas and other well priced goodies. 

Our Jesse dog is OLD, so swimming at 1770 is such a relief for his hips...

Great walking and swimming spots

Another fave spot for swimming and walking is the tracks opposite the Police station that zig zag all thorough the bush and lead to a lookout over Agnes Main Beach (to the left) and Workmans Beach (to the right). This is such a magical spot, being able to bushwalk with your dogs (and kids & husband) right in the heart of town.....  I can never pass up a swim at the dog friendly Workman's Beach....

Workman's Dog Friendly Beach

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Where to stay?

Gibson's Pet Friendly Accommodation offers a choice of 3 holiday homes that are clean, open plan & close enough to walk to fantastic beaches & the shops, yet tucked away for privacy.

So, this is just a taste of life living in Agnes Water.... there is SO much to see and do and explore. The living is easy and the place is spectacular, for a short weekend visit, a week visit, or to come back again and again and again!


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