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Top 5 Reasons to holiday with your dog in Agnes Water, Queensland

Are you holding back from holidaying in Agnes Water because you have a dog? Choosing to holiday with your dog can be tricky, but with a bit of forward planning, can turn out to be THE best holiday you AND your pet have ever had! Agnes Water is an incredibly pet friendly town - with many dog friendly cafes, dog friendly beaches and great walks. So, you haven't been away for a while, choosing a great pet friendly holiday accommodation might just be the GO. Have you ever considered that bringing your dog along could possibly end up being the best holiday of you or your families life? Not to mention your dogs!

If you need a bit more convincing, then read on.......

You need a holiday, but so does your dog

Are you feeling like life is just so busy and there isn't time to enjoy the simple things? Well, chances are, if you feel like that, then your furry friend(s) are probably feeling your busyness too and lack of attention! Taking time out is super important for your health and well being, but it is also important too for your pet! at Gibson's Pet Friendly Accommodation we are unique where we allow your pets inside with you, to share every moment (well ALMOST every moment!!). But were also super clean, so bring your pets blanky or bed so they don't come up on any of the furniture. Is it that time for a getaway?

"We've just had the most amazing 3 days at Paperbark Retreat. anywhere that makes our fur baby as welcome as us is tops in my book!"

- Karen Cramb - July 2019

You'll explore the beaches of Agnes Water & be more active

Dream of that holiday where you actually DON'T gain a heap of weight?? Well, bringing your dog along pretty much guarantees that you will be more active - AND see a heap more! Beach? - yes please! More beach? - yes please! Sunset? Yep! Morning walk? Yep! Exercise is so important to a good state of mind, and guarantees that your holiday will get those endorphins flowing by breathing in the fresh air and exploring Agnes Water & Town Of 1770 in a way you wouldn't without a dog! The added bonus is that the Gibbons Court Holiday Homes (Townhouse 1, Kira Kira & Townhouse 3) are within walking distance to the good dog friendly beaches of Agnes Water. The unique Paperbark Retreat is super special with the fact that you and your furry friend have over 7 (fenced) acres to run wild in. The dam on the property is a popular pooch swimming spot too.

" Short walk to shopping, restaurants and dog friendly beaches! Extremely well appointed. My border collies and I just love it!"

- Lee Hackney, July 2018

You'll meet people!

You'll meet people! Dog people love dogs! There is nothing better than meeting a fellow dog walker and having a chat about each others dogs, then being able to politely move on as if it's the most normal thing in the world. Your dog will never be bored at the beach and will have a great social time interacting with the other dogs there. All the while, the humans can sit back and laugh at their dogs antics and tell tales that only other dog lovers would understand.

"I cannot rate this place highly enough, absolutely wonderful accommodation and so good being able to take your pets and being able to have them inside , the house is stunning and kept so clean."

- Jeanie Hay, Jan 2019

Boarding Kennels are expensive

Boarding Kennels are expensive! If you don't have the luxury of family or friends looking after your pet, then the next choice is a boarding kennel. While it's great knowing that your pet will be fed, watered and exercised (hopefully!), leaving them is hard! It doesn't take long for the $$$ to add up - and when they give you those big worried eyes when you try to leave - who can forget how much you wish you could take them with you??? Well, you CAN! Check out your awesome next holiday in Agnes Water..... and THEIR awesome next holiday!!

"This accommodation was AMAZING! We loved the house and it's location and the price. We are a family of 5 and this was perfect".

- Amy Williams, Sept 2018

Holidaying in Agnes Water at Gibson's Pet Friendly is the best!

At Gibson's Pet Friendly our motto is "where your pets are just as welcome as you". and we REALLY mean it! We allow your pets inside with you and can take up to 2 dogs. We guarantee that our accommodation is clean, fresh and well equipped. We have a few simple rules to obey to ensure your holiday is the best it can be and that we can continue to provide this unique accommodation for many more years to come. With our ratings well above 4 stars on Facebook and Google My Business you can feel secure in your choice to holiday with us. Not only that, we also let you in on all the things to do and see in Agnes Water & 1770.

" Very comfortable and clean, had everything you could need. Great views and was great to have a bbq out on the deck. The dogs loved it as well!

- Danni Elle, Aug 2018

Check out our incredible pet friendly accommodation and find out why guests keep coming back and back and back......


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