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Visiting Agnes Water & 1770 in Winter - A must do

Ever wondered if you can swim in Winter in Queensland? Well, you can! Winter gives way to calm and bright sunny days, incredible sunsets at 1770 overlooking the ocean, and cool snuggly nights. Such a wonderful escape to get away and make the most of Agnes Water, the beaches, the walking trails, the cafes, and the National Parks of Deepwater & Eurimbula.

From Gibson's Pet Friendly Accommodation, we boast how nearly all of the accommodations are a short stroll to the beaches of Agnes Water..... but until you take that walk, (or that holiday) it's hard to picture....

Secluded and fantastic for paddleboarding, fishing, kayaking, surfing, swimming or walking
Pet Friendly 1770 Beach is great for little kids

So on the weekend, we headed down the closest beach, Workman's Beach, which is also conveniently Dog friendly. Read about more dog-friendly beaches here.

Workman's beach is a short 10 min walk from Gibson's pet Friendly Accommodation

Unspoiled Beaches of Agnes Water & 1770

There was just 1 other person there.... HEAVEN! We had the whole beach to ourselves and our dog ran his heart out! It was just such a beautiful morning. As we headed down the beach, the kids explored by climbing the rock walls and I proceeded to dip my toes in the ocean...... which then lead to being completely sucked into the water (I couldn't resist) and it was one of those BEST swims moments (insert sparkly eyes here!!).

So, if you were ever wondering about a weekend getaway and it happens to be in the middle of winter - DO NOT HESITATE!

Favorite Winter things of Agnes Water & 1770

  • Sunsets at 1770 - watch the sky light up and the sunset over the water and distant Eurimbula National Park

  • Calm days - Winter in Agnes Water usually brings stable weather and calm sunny days. Perfect for bushwalking and beachcombing & swimming too!

  • Snuggly nights - by sunset you can rug up

  • Clear nights = INCREDIBLE starry skies!!

  • Watch the whale migration from the 1770 Headland

  • Temperature - it's not too hot and not too cold!

  • Take a Full Moon Restorative Yoga class with Breathe 1770 Yoga

Holidaying with your dog?

If you are unsure of taking your dog on holiday, have a read of this article we wrote - The Top 5 Reasons to Holiday WITH your dog in Agnes Water.

Check our affordable accommodation choices HERE !


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